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Prepping for Natural Disasters

Devastating surviving buildings after Hugo - prep now

Near total destruction after Hugo


Living on the Carolina Coast, the importance of prepping for hurricanes was ingrained into me from birth. Hurricane Hugo, in 1989, drilled that home for me. It devastated the city of Charleston in South Carolina, demolishing numerous buildings and flooding the coast. Aid for some didn’t come for days.

Yet the death toll, 35, paled in comparison to Katrina in 2005, where in total over 1800 people died across 7 states, while more than 60 people are still considered missing. In some places aid didn’t come for weeks. The city of New Orleans was nearly obliterated.

Survivor's Guilt and pain after Katrina

Young boy suffering following Katrina


The 2011 Joplin tornado in Missouri killed over 160 people and injured nearly 1200 more. Some just didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know how to prepare and survival a disaster.

Why are all these events, and many other disasters, important? Well, for one, it shows how important being prepared is. Do you and your family have a plan for when disaster strikes?

What will you do when you can’t go to the grocery store and get food? And what if the government can’t help quickly enough, like after Hurricane Katrina? Or at all, like in a war? Do you want to put your kid’s lives in the hands of FEMA?

The statistics speak for themselves. It’s not a matter of if these events will happen, it’s a matter of when, whether it be a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, or civil unrest.

I’ve made it my goal to help sort through available courses, kits, books, and information to help people make better decisions about what to invest their money in to survive the inevitable. I always regret hearing about the high numbers of dead after a disaster or after war, and I feel it’s my duty to help.

A Good Start for Survival

A good start is a course by Damian Campbell. In it, I found where you can literally survive anything. The course teaches you how to prepare for the worst and survive disasters and unrest.

You’ll learn shortcuts for navigating the chaos caused by a disaster, traveling with ease.

You can learn how much prepping you actually need, so you don’t under-prep.

It teaches about Survivor’s Guilt and how to deal with it, which can be deadly for you or your family in catastrophe.

Finally, the course talks about the mentality of mobs during periods of starvation and how to protect your food without resorting to violence, though it also talks about how to use force effectively!

Fortress, survival, protection, prepared
They could survive – can you?

As a bonus, it includes a 24 Hour Family Safety Quickstart guide, where you can learn prepare your home for a disaster by turning it into a fortress. It also talks about why foods you already buy are perfect to survive on and what else you should stock up on before a disaster strikes.

As a second bonus, Damian is including his 30+ Day Extended Survival manual, with tons of useful information. For example, wonder how to keep morale up when times are dangerous? He tells you how – and let me be the first to tell you, it’s not as hard as you think.

Ever wonder if “expired” food is actually expired? He gives rock-solid tips in the Extended manual to help you determine if food is safe or not – that’s helpful even outside of emergencies!

Finally, the most important bonus he’s offering his access to his resident survival expert, George. George will answer just about any question you have about survival. No question is stupid. Plus, you could even run your survival plans by him and get serious feedback on how to else to prep for catastrophe.

Even better, Damian talks about the differences between city water and well water and how to make and keep both for your family’s consumption.

Fair and Affordable Access to extensive prepper knowledge

Survive Anything, Prep for Anything
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Similar guides and kits aren’t as good and often cost a lot more. Actual courses with instructors might charge you thousands of dollars and take valuable time to complete. And few offer actual money-back guarantees! (For a full 60 days no less)

With this course you can learn at your own pace and master the material in your free time. I fully recommend this course to anyone new to survival prepping or just wanting to fill out their knowledge.

For a measly $49.97, this is honestly a steal. I’ve seen similar books and materials go for 10 times as much, so you may want to keep an eye on this and get it before the price changes. Either way, keep safe, keep prepping, and make sure you can Survive Anything.